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Uber for X

In Uber for X, X means the multiple products offered by Uber. That is Uber for:

  • Laundry
  • Mechanics
  • Courier
  • Tow Truck
  • Plumber
  • Beauty
  • Massage, and so on

The Uber for Laundry app enables you to control your entire laundry business with the help of one app. This helps you in your business by yielding you a huge number of customers, as they find an easy-to-use app in the smartphone world.

The Uber for Mechanics app acts as a one-stop solution for your mechanic business.

The Uber for Courier app, with its multiple options and customization features, earn you a good brand name in your delivery services among your competitors.

Uber for Tow Truck app allows you to provide instant service for your customers who are in need.

The Uber for Plumber app gives you access to provide easy doorstep service to your customers.

With the help of Uber for Beauty and Massage apps, you can provide an easy-to-use app service to your customers.

Appdupe, the best place for all these multiple pro

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how much does it cost to build an app like uber

Appdupe, the leading clone app developing company helps you to generate instant revenue through Uber clone app  within 48 hours. Get in touch with Appdupe’s through its official website. Follow us on twitter, facebook, and other social media to know more about us.

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Uber Clone

Uber clone app contains a wide range of features that give competition to Uber itself. With extensive customization feature, you can garner instant revenue from the evergreen taxi industry. Appdupe’s Uber clone builds your app within a short span of time at reasonable prices.


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Steps to commence a legitimized taxi business with a mobile app

Starting a Business

Most people in the world prefer to work under someone as a salaried or a waged employee. However, only a few want to start their own business. You have decided to take the second road which is less traveled, as Robert Frost said in his “The Road Not Taken.” Wishing you a great success ahead for your unique idea of starting a business.

Why should it be a Taxi Business?

Taxi Business is indeed the need of the hour. The instant revenue one can obtain from a taxi business is incredibly lucrative. Hence it is wise to invest your time and money in a taxi business.

People these days prefer to use a private taxi like Uber instead of owning a new vehicle. Wherever there is a demand, profit should also be there. Before starting this taxi business, you should check whether there is a demand for a taxi in your locality.

Appdupe, the leading clone app developer, offers you the best cost and time efficient clone apps. Appdupe is a white-labeled company. Go to the website of

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