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Mergers And acquisitions- What Actually Does it Mean?

The concept of merger and acquisition in India was not popular until the year 1988.

Mergers And acquisitions

The key factor contributing to fewer companies involved in the merger is the regulatory and prohibitory provisions of MRTP Act, 1969. According to this Act, a company or a firm has to follow a pressurized and burdensome procedure to get approval for mergers and acquisitions. If money could talk, it would have whooped last year. Consider this: in 2017, India saw more than 1,000 mergers and acquisitions (M&A), the highest in the current decade.  The practice of mergers and acquisitions has attained considerable significance in the contemporary corporate scenario which is broadly used for reorganizing the business entities. In the process of mergers and acquisitions, we work in the analyses and insights and access the information and conclusions about how the best mergers and acquisitions can be done. A complete execution is followed for Mergers & Acquisitions with a strategy to maximize benefits while

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FSSAI Rules for Starting a Food business in India

Many foods are sold at flea markets, fairs and outdoor events. Popcorn, peanuts, banderillas de sausage, hot dogs, donuts Who sells all this food? Most are sellers who bring their kitchen trailers to these events. 


Other FBO prefer to park their Food Business on the side of the road or in parking lots to sell to workers looking for a fast lunch. Owning a food Business can bring a lot of profit, but there are many important steps that should be taken into account before opening the Food business. Obtain the necessary Permits and FSSAI licenses for Food Business. To be able to sell food, you must have licenses to prepare food. Only pre-packaged foods such as chewing gum, potatoes or sweets are excepted. Each state, county or city may have different licensing requirements for the sale of food. Some permits and licenses may be needed to work in the city and others to work in the county. Begin by finding out what requirements the county where you plan to develop your business ask for. St

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FSSAI Online Registration for Food Business in India

FSSAI Registration

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has been constituted by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare with a stringent visualization to implement FSS act on food business activities. FSSAI was formed to keep a single point of contact for all the food operators. The role & responsibility of FSSAI is to make sure that all food-related laws are being followed by food business operators. According to the new standards, food must have at least 60% shelf life.  People always love to explore new places. But wherever they go, they surely have the favorite place to eat the food. Though it is not the famous food in the city, the food in the particular hotel or the restaurant is very famous and unique in the entire city. Food is the primary source of energy and the fuel to our body. The taste of the food denotes the love of the person. Every traditional food in the place and country denotes the culture of the people in that place. However, the varieties of the food may differ

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Know About FSSAI License Renewal Procedure for Food Business

FSSAI establish that all Food Business Operators in the country will be registered or licensed in accordance with the procedures laid within. They specify requirements, terms and conditions to benefit from license for the food business and that no person shall commence any food business without a valid license.

FSSAI License Renewal

But, it is not essential only receiving an FSSAI certificate; in fact, it is equally important in order to renew your license from time to time. Food business operators can apply online for FSSAI License Renewal and authorization through an online application system. This step-by-step guide will make it easy for you to apply online. Remember that you must submit the printout of the completed online application form to the regional Authority / State authority with all supporting documents within 15 days from the date of manufacture of the online submission for your application to be considered.  If however the renewal application is not filed within this time, then a penalty o

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FSSAI License Consultant in Noida for Food Business

FSSAI licenses are mandatory for every business operation dealing with food products. The objective of making the license mandatory was to ensure the safety of consumers using these food products. Like other business operators, a restaurant must also have an FSSAI license before its operation can be started.

FSSAI License

If you are planning to set up your own restaurant, by Online FSSAI Registration procedure, it has become quite easy and convenient for a large number of people to register for an FSSAI license. There were days when people had to run from one office to another to receive approval at different stages of the application process. Things have become quite simple and it has a very good effect on the business. Who went into the registration process in the old days. In the FSSAI Online process, all documents can be submitted online and forms can be filled online and can be submitted online to the entire process. These documents are addressed in proof, proof of identity, phone number, a

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Get FSSAI Registration in affordable Rates in India

To obtain the FSSAI Registration for Food Business from FSSAI manufactured by the company (food, diet supplement, natural product, among others) you must follow a procedure that is supervised by the authorities of the Ministry of Health.If you are a food Business Operator, you must go to the FSSAI to obtain the Food license. The establishment must comply with the minimum hygienic Food License requirements established in the regulations of the Department of Food Regulation and Control.

FSSAI Registration

Make sure that this permit includes the production of the good you intend to register. Your product must comply with the labeling requirements and other requirements according to the type of Food product. FSSAI REGISTRATION is obliged to obtain the corresponding food License registry, those companies dedicated to the preparation, manufacture, handling, and production of food for sale and distribution outside the place where they are made, and warehouses, distributors or food importers in general. So, i

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