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Tips for SAS Programming Process in Clinical Trial


In the clinical trial process industry has adopted many standards and requirements in the clinical trial process. Clinical research organizations (CROs) are playing vital role for giving good support to the pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology companies while reaching of global standards. These standards affect the entire clinical trial process. While conducting the clinical trial, CROs, pharmaceutical industry and biotechnology companies, adopt regulatory authorities standards and guidelines. Every country is having their own regulatory authorities. Globally industry is following guidelines issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and International Conference of Harmonization (ICH). Regulatory authorities define the requirements and expectations for a New Drug Application (NDA) and new treatments. However, many of the documents and regulations that the regulatory authority issues do not directly impact on SAS programmers’ work, because most

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Secrets of top performing healthcare professionals

What makes some healthcare professionals more effective than others?

What enables these professionals to lead an organization past challenges and succeeds where others have failed?

This update brings few practices where top performing healthcare leaders apply to overcome challenges and keep their organizations going frontwards.

While there is no single type of charisma that delineates sure-fire or supremely favoured healthcare leaders, there are customary way of operations and dispositions these individuals generally share. Successful healthcare leaders invariably have a vision and clear strategy for the future; they aware how to be a role model for both confidence, humility to their organization and how to intensify performance from others in the pursuit of their goals.

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Clinical Data Management and CDISC standards

Pharmaceutical Clinical Data Management:

Many pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are working on the development of new drugs, compounds and devices for betterment of human health and increase the quality of life globally. This process of drug development and discovery when reaches the stage of testing in human volunteers involves people from various specialty and varied background. Final goal of any human trial is to be able to investigate the safety and efficacy of the investigative compound or device in human subjects within the regulatory guidelines and accepted standards of safety, patient care and data interpretation.

The initial stage of any clinical study involves the collection of observational, laboratory and other data of the trail subjects and is the most critical part in the study life cycle. It is this collected data, which will be used in analyzes of final end points of any study. The quality of data and accuracy then becomes most important thing. The greater

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Common Diseases in Winter Season

Common Winter Diseases:

The monsoon is long gone and now its time for winter to set-in with its teeth biting cold, that would even shiver your inner soul. And with the onset of winter one can expect to be confronted with a variety of winter ailments. The human body takes a bit of time to adjust to change in its environment, whether it is a change in diet, in geography, or a change in temperature and the climatic variations. Every time the seasonal changes in the weather has a direct impact on our body function, and it takes some time to get accustomed to the change, there by letting infections with an opportunity to attack the body. During this period of adjustment to the changing season, the body’s immunity tends to be low and therefore the body is susceptible to attack from viruses and bacteria.

As soon as the body experiences a drop in the external temperature, the process to get accustomed to the new climate begins. This is the time when most people start to suffer from ailment

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How to choose the right recruitment agency partner

Choosing a right recruitment partner...!

With the inception of job sites/job portals, have simplified the process of job search and also the process of job hunt has become much faster and easier. Those days are gone, like, where the job seeker’s, had to carry with around a folder with all their certificates to employers while finding for job opportunities. In today’s global world, The job sites/job portals have almost become an essential part of every job seeker’s/employer’s life in terms of finding for better opportunities and for searching an right fit. The job seeker’s have to register on a good job site, select the desired jobs and apply for them with an mouse click.

Practically, there is a huge competition in today’s job market, simultaneously, there are certain high expectations from employers who looking for active job seekers that can specifically cater to their desired requirements. In order to meet, today’s challenging industry needs, (identifying and recruiting ‘Appropri

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Small scale particles - Improving Vaccination

Small-scale particles play a major role in improving vaccination:

Scientist from Helmholtz-Zentrum für Infektionsforschung's vaccine department examine fresh additives to enhance the effectiveness of vaccination.

The presence of additional additives in vaccines creates bad reputation among its users, as most of the people think they are useless compounds within any medicinal product. This is a misconception since these additives have a vital impact on the success of any vaccination. In few cases, single dose of vaccination would be sufficient for registering life-long immunity.

Vaccines or medicinal drugs are considered as the most important and powerful tools against infectious diseases. They protect us from deadly infections and also prevent the new infection to arise. In case of a typical vaccine, attenuated or killed pathogens or few parts of sub-cellular components are injected into the body. Our Immune system react with those foreign components, producing antibodies and/or k

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New guideline for Post-Authorization Efficacy Studies (PAES)

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has released a draft guideline on how companies should design post-authorization efficacy studies, which help the European Union (EU) to make regulatory decisions. The guideline also describes regulatory aspects for PAES fulfillment. 

Post-authorization efficacy studies are either required by regulators or conducted voluntarily by drug companies. The guideline applies to both imposed and voluntary PAES and was developed in collaboration with European Union Member States.

According to an EMA press release, PAES collect data on the benefits for a particular drug indication after market authorization. These data can include information on how the drug is used in everyday medical practice, how it is used in specific populations, how it relates to the use of other drugs, how it performs over time, and the drug’s mechanism of action. Data results may contribute to changes in labeling or may result in better use of the product. Comments on the guideline

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Planning for Hiring: Healthcare

Framing questions for interviews is the main part of medical profession. Formulating questions with the expertise and personality of ideal resource in mind will assist make you an ideal decision? To look out the resource best fitted for your organization, you should frame questions that will call forth both informative and useful replies from your job seeker; it’s like:

First things first priority:

It’s been said that “if you not sure where you are going, any path will get you there, but, you will not sure when you have arrived. Before you start interviewing job seekers, pay close attention at your medical services, the resources and expertise of your resources to help find out what characteristics you want your new resource to have. A few of these might include: 

  • Constancy,
  • Efficient service to patients, 
  • Good work habits, 
  • Good judgement,
  • Intelligence 

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Making a healthy and lovable medical centre


Unmotivated resources apparently difficult to manage in any type of medical set up. Effects include a substantive and negative impact on practice gainfulness and medical physician satisfaction. Conventional remediations of cash or cash equivalents can be pricey and any betterments in motivation fugacious at the best.

Deficiency of resource investment in and employee engagement with the job is the base of the resource motivation problem. The most efficient motivators, thus, are more nearly linked to the resource’s work than spot fillips. Domesticating employee engagement rarely needs any out of sack disbursements; it mostly gives rise objective betterments in medical practice performancesand engaged employee is fitted to make stronger its own good doings. This updates brings some examples a medical practitioner can put up employee engagement in the medical practice: 

Set aside perspicacity, inquire the motivation and pay attention to answer.

When somebody has done something wron

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Challenges of the Indian pharmaceutical players

India is the 3rd largest producer of medicines in terms volume and it is rising at a steady pace. The biopharma market has viewed the entry of many international players as well as rise of many domestic producers. After the new government formation, the biopharma sector has been given a major encouragement with the initiatives like ‘Make in India’ and ‘Swach Bharat Abhiyan’. Thus with contrives to make India a superpower and improve the biopharma market, the Government of India is on the right way for now. Therefore what does this entail for the drug sector?

This for drug industry is a very positive mark however there are certain challenges for pharmaceutical players in the country and these challenges are:

Good manufacturing practices (GMP) and Compliance: Issues

In some manner these are always been a problem for the drug companies. The current going bruit that the USFDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) is trying to block the growth of the Indian drug firms. 

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