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Technology that increase the efficiency of vaccines

Technology Enhancing Vaccine Efficiency:

It is a well known fact that, for any pharma companies the most crucial and challenging issue is inventing a technology that can enhance the activity of vaccines. A paper published in Journal vaccine, 2008, by a company called Cure Lab, Inc. a Massachusetts based biotechnology company developed a new methodology for anti-viral vaccination. This vaccination technology comprises of two main components: The 1st component comprises of vaccine antigen that should be in two patterns. One should be easily processed inside the organism’s cells by an intracellular “chopping machine” called proteosome, while other element is resistant to “chopping”. According to the research published in Journal Vaccine, both these forms of an antigen would be used in combination to elicit a much stronger immune response than either of them would be able to do alone.

With the invention of technology that could create a form of viral protein that could be easily proces

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