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Small scale particles - Improving Vaccination

Small-scale particles play a major role in improving vaccination:

Scientist from Helmholtz-Zentrum für Infektionsforschung's vaccine department examine fresh additives to enhance the effectiveness of vaccination.

The presence of additional additives in vaccines creates bad reputation among its users, as most of the people think they are useless compounds within any medicinal product. This is a misconception since these additives have a vital impact on the success of any vaccination. In few cases, single dose of vaccination would be sufficient for registering life-long immunity.

Vaccines or medicinal drugs are considered as the most important and powerful tools against infectious diseases. They protect us from deadly infections and also prevent the new infection to arise. In case of a typical vaccine, attenuated or killed pathogens or few parts of sub-cellular components are injected into the body. Our Immune system react with those foreign components, producing antibodies and/or k

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