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Why to Port iOS App to Android 2018 | iOS is better than Android

Privacy & Third-party Accessory Integration: Voting iOS app over Android

Besides passcodes and fingerprints, iPhones also have the Touch ID feature and the Secure Enclave that ensures that the code the device runs on cannot be tampered with. It’s a highly guarded technology built on the principles of data encryption. This literally creates a secure computer within a computer. Such security features are not available on Android. This is one of the reasons that multiple businesses prefer to PORT IOS APP TO ANDROID, and make enterprise apps that work only on iOS. Similarly, iPhones are more conducive to third-party accessories. Because of its standard connector, iPhones have a much better market for third-party accessories.

App Store & High-Quality Technology: Voting iOS App Over Android

Apple’s app store talk for itself- it has excellent customer service and very personalized approach to solving problems. In addition, there are many high-technology apps that are available only on iOS, such as Astropad Standard, Enlight, Bear, Blackbox and many more.

Affordability and Customizability: Voting Android over iOS

Android applications tend to have a better and more open ecosystem, which provides more room for customization. All of Google services, including play store and maps, are better integrated on Android phones than on an iPhone. The affordability of Android cannot be questioned at all. It has always been cheaper than iOS.


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