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Factors to Keep in Mind When Hiring an iOS Developer

Considering the record sales of iPhones (over 230 million) worldwide in 2015, as reported by Statista, it is not at all surprising to see the high demand for Apple iOS as an app developing platform among business owners.

Further, the apps developed on Apple’s iOS platform have become the first choice for many business organizations as they offer superior quality performance, easy user interface, and new graphics framework.

Whether you want to have a new app for your business or need to update your existing iOS app or re-submitting an app after some bug fixes to the Apple app store, you need to hire an iOS developer.

From designing and coding your app to guide you through the submission process, the iOS developers do the needful to get your app approved by the App Store.

While there is no set formula or shortcut to find the best iOS app developers for your project, you can consider these below-mentioned factors while planning to hire an iOS programmer.

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The Swift Advantage - iOS app development

In 2014, Apple launched its homebrewed iPhone app development software development kit (SDK) — Swift. In a bid to maintain uniformity across all its products, Apple wants developers to adopt this tool to build and deploy applications. 

Swift introduced quite a few groundbreaking features in terms of iOS application development. One of the features that are most helpful in iPhone app development is the ‘optional building’ feature. This allows developers to convert pre-assigned values to another. Also, this prevents the app from crashing on launch as is the case with most optional value conversions. 

Another powerful feature is the ‘switch statement’. This lets developers switch between a variety of conditions such as Booleans and expressions. Implementing the Swift platform in iPhone app development hence grants certain advantages to the team. Most importantly, the structural and memory aspects of the language make it relatively easy to maintain and update.

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Tips for iOS App Development Companies to Conquer Google Play Store

App developers are continually searching for courses how to get in on Google Play Store. It isn't just about presenting your apps to the store and let everything fall into places. You should know how to keep up your spot for you to gain some money. There are a few stages that iOS app development companies must consider.

A large portion of the occasions, iOS app development company forgets the essential angles to have a solid establishment in an application's prosperity. There is an agenda of things you have to cover first before propelling your app in the market. As indicated by a portion of the effective apps in the store, to make a fruitful app, you should take after these means:

  1. Continuously check your App
  2. Separate Version and Sizes
  3. Set up a Google Account
  4. Make your App Attractive
  5. Make a Marketing Strategy
  6. Open up a Support Center
  7. Screen your App's Performance
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The Benefits of Developing an iOS App for Your Business

Increase Sales

If you want to increase your business sales, an efficiently created iPhone app will surely help you to promote your products, services, and brand to reach more and more users.

iPhone, on the other hand, consists of tech-savvy users who prefer using advanced solutions and technology to accomplish their objectives.

For that reason, iOS mobile app development can help you a lot in giving your audiences user-friendly and highly functional apps. As a matter of fact, this kind of app will help your business to improve productivity with cost-effectiveness.

Increase Customer Engagement

Many iPhone users are looking for apps that allow them to connect with business with ease. That is why many businesses or enterprises are using apps in order to improve their processes as well as enhance the level of availability.

On the other hand, the good thing about having your own business app is that you will be able to connect with your customers seamlessly. As a result, you will be a

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Skills for proper iOS app development

Skills every professional at any iOS app development service include:

  • Swift; The programming language invented by Apple especially for their app development and is the language of all developments for iOS in the time to come.

  • Coding; or to put it differently, translating the designer mock-ups and wireframes into the front-end code.

  • Spatial thinking; a good programmer needs to know how to think in 3-D and visualize the relations between the objects. To put it differently, they need to be the user of the app to achieve the optimum results.

  • Principles of design; data as to be stored and displayed in a user-friendly way, and that does require a specific approach.

  • Networking; the large majority of all apps are made to interact with the web in some way, therefore it is crucial to have a full comprehension of how to send and receive data from the web, and this can be done through the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

  • Core data; remember the early days of video g

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Reasons Why iOS Mobile App Development is Your Best Bet

Making a decision about which platform you’re going to use when developing a custom mobile app for your business, is indeed a difficult one. Although 80% of smartphone users are Android users, there are a number of reasons why iOS mobile app development is better.

The first reason is the fact that iOS apps are of better quality and offer a similar user experience across all devices. Moreover, iOS app icons are extremely dynamic, and this contributes to a better user experience.

Another reason why iOS mobile app development must be considered is that iOS apps make no room for the clutter that comes with carrier data. In addition to this, the power management is much better, as iOS devices are inhospitable to third-party apps that run in the background.

Furthermore, HTML support provided by an iOS device is way better compared to Android devices. When it comes to app listings, Apple’s App Store categorically lists apps, which makes it much easier for the user to find the most suitable

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Is it profitable to hire an iOS app Programmer for my business?

Mobile applications are susceptible to the ill effects of changes that occur as a result of frequent updates of a device’s operating system, upgrading the version of the application etc. This calls for an expert who can handle your applications for you and also take care of the software and hardware compatibility, each time an application gets an update. Especially, for phones running on iOS, app developers with an expertise at handling app development processes and those accomplished at developing iOS programs as per the industry’s standards are the ideal personnel for a company that is hiring. 

But why is it that ios app developers are more in demand than the rest?

The answer to this question would probably be two things:

  1. Large user-base who prefer iOS to other operating systems
  2. The iPhone operating system is the most lucrative and app-developer friendly platform

Therefore, there is no doubt that companies looking at a long-term benefit of targeting an international user-bas

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Principles to Know Before Starting Your iOS App Development Project

The mobile app industry has such a significant number of examples of overcoming adversity to take motivation from. However, more than that, the industry has stories of disappointments, which can give significant exercises to anybody considering leaving on their versatility travel. Truth be told, under 0.01% of buyer mobile apps end up being a money-related achievement, says a report by Gartner.

Right off the bat, being approved by the main app stores is a test in itself. In addition, 66% of apps that get approved by app stores record under 1,000 downloads in their first year, and an expansive level of these get no downloads by any stretch of the imagination, says senior examiner Tim Shepherd of Canalys. Regardless of whether the app manages to get some downloads, clients normally take not as much as a moment to judge if the app is justified regardless of their consideration. Around 34% of mobile app commitment last not as much as a moment, says an article in Market Watch.

To build re

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Brilliant iOS Mobile Application Ideas 2018 For Your Next Business

Any idea can have a potential to be an application. But it does not guarantee a success in the mobile industry, so to help developers in their future endeavor, here are some key points to follow: 

  • Before you begin the development, hire ios developers should analyze and evaluate the idea. How can it affect the audience and their needs? Define your target in the market to see its potential.
  • Decide on your goals. Focus on user’s satisfaction to get the rise in sales.
  • Think about the monetization strategy. Have a clear understanding of what do you want to get in the future. This will help you in the development process of your app.
  • In case you are battling with time, try to create an easy yet effective concept. A basic app with a new feature that you can introduce to the market. And to make it stay on the market, then develop more features and add-ons.
  • Choose a method wherein you can cover all the necessary things that user’s needs.
  • If you need to deliver the app earlier than the t
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Know All You Need To Know About Swift With These Useful Resources

Apple’s iOS over the past few years - more recently with the iOS 11 and subsequent 11.3 updates - have witnessed a major overhaul. The iOS platform is now more developer-friendly than ever before, enabling iOS developers to integrate a bunch of cool features into their application. The introduction of assists like ARkit, Sirikit, CoreML and the Swift programming language are some of the most notable enhancements made to the iOS platform. 

If there was ever a great time to make an iOS-based application, it is now. If you’re a business looking to extend your products and services onto the iOS platform, the next logical step would be to hire iOS developers. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before diving into the ios app development process.

Whether you’re developing an iOS (or Android) native app, a hybrid application, or are looking to convert an iOS app to Android and vice versa to better serve your purpose, it is important to understand the specific requirements of you

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