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key iOS 10 features every app developer must know

Ever since its inception iOS has witnessed a lot of changes through various updates and versions. And with it, so has the nature of the iOS app development process. Through its many changes, iOS has grown in popularity among users as well as with app development services. Today, iPhone application development is taking over the way we live and work. It has become a way of life. With the introduction of iOS 10, the story continues on its glorious path. iOS 10 aside from coming as a new update has brought with it features that have developers and users all excited. One such example is the inclusion of a large range of APIs and frameworks like Intents and Intents UI. However, among all its new features the one that seems to be most popular with developers is the iMessages extension. Giving power to developers to extend the functionality of apps while maintaining smooth communications is rightly one of the best iOS development features yet. With such exciting new additions, iOS has, once a

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Great Blogs You Must Read for More Knowledge on iOS Mobile App Development

Whether its engineering, hospitality, or medicine — staying up to date with the latest developments and trends in the industry is of utmost importance. The same applies to mobile app development. In order to be a brilliant mobile app developer, it’s extremely vital to get as much knowledge as you can on a variety of topics ranging from technology to marketing.

And what better place to gain relevant insights from, than blogs by experts? Sure, there are a number of blogs out there that talk about almost everything, ranging from iOS app development to marketing strategies for app stores, but there are some that are pretty great. For instance, blogs like Blue Cloud Solutions and App Clover offer transparent overviews of the latest happenings in the field, as well as allow app developers to share their ideas, breakthroughs, and mistakes with the masses.

There are also blogs like Android Authority and iOS Dev Weekly, which offer detailed information that’s solely about Android and iOS mobi

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What to Expect from iOS App Development in 2018?

The industry is enormous, and the number of iOS app development services and developers is also steadily increasing, to keep up with the growing demand from tech-savvy users. Let’s take a look at some of the emerging trends that are expected to shape the future of iOS applications.

This has further increased the demand for robust mobile payment apps, especially on iOS. 

On-demand Enterprise Apps

On-demand applications are one of the most often used apps right now. They play a huge role in making our lives more convenient and simple. Some of the best examples of on-demand apps include ride-sharing apps like Uber, food delivery services, and home services. 

Location-based services, easy availability and secure payments are some of the reasons why these apps have soared in popularity. The demand for these apps is only bound to grow. 

Cloud-based Apps

With advancements in cloud storage, more and more app developers are now working on creating cloud-driven, mobile apps. Dropbox and Go

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Android and iOS: 2 platforms, points of difference

Today, mobile computing has emerged as the global standard for personal, as well as professional lifestyle. The boom of internet connectivity, combined with growing technological innovation has, over the past decade, completely changed the way in which people interact with their devices, as well as each other. One of the greatest purveyors of the current scenario is mobile apps. This is because mobile apps effectively act like the medium through which people interact with their mobile devices.

Today, mobile apps govern the majority of the time spent by smartphone users on their devices. Covering nearly every utility, functionality, and industry, iOS mobile app development are undoubtedly a very effective avenue for business development, as well as brand communication and perception.

When it comes to actually implement an app development project, however, prospective app owners must first choose between the available platforms - iOS and Android. This involves a great deal of scrutiny,

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A Guide to Hire iOS App Developers for Enterprise Apps

Here, in today’s post, you can find how to choose the right iOS app developer for your project, questions to ask, and factors to consider. Without further ado, let’s get started.


This is one of the most vital factors to consider when you hire iOS app developers. If the person you’re planning to hire has been on the field for quite some time, then it’s a significant advantage for you. Experienced developers can quickly bring your vision to life, following the best practices in the industry. They have already gone through the app development lifecycle several times before and can easily find the best tools that work to your benefit.

Technical Expertise

iOS is one of the top two major mobile operating systems. It’s robust and comes with an extensive array of technical features. An experienced iOS application developer, who has extensive knowledge of the iOS platform, knows the intricacies of these technical features. He helps you optimize the features of your app, building

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Top Worst iOS Application Development Services

It is not a question of why Apple is one of the most successful companies in the world. With their unique features and applications, their iOS app development became incomparable. They have Apple-only applications that have gathered different opinions from users.

While the Apple’s success is endless, it is hard to tell about their downfalls. Some experts determined that there is an iOS mobile app development that puts their name in shame. Different reason arises that leads to customer’s disappointments.

These unsuccessful apps are examples of the things iOS application development should avoid. Creating an Apple app does not guarantee the developers that it will hit the top in the market. They should take note of possible hit and miss of the app to have great feedback from the users.

Also, an iOS application development company should always think of apps that are useful and beneficial to users. Most of the time, copying ideas from the popular apps that are already in the market cau

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What you need to keep in mind when you hire iOS developers

The iOS platform is one of the fastest developing and popular platforms amongst users and mobile app developers alike. Apple has a track record of making products that change our lives, and they've continued to do so by transforming the iOS mobile app development industry. With the new iOS 11, and the subsequent 11.3 update, the guys over at Apple have made it easier for iOS app developers to create applications that are more engaging and user-friendly.

The introduction of machine learning and the Siri Kit is all set to boost what you can do with artificial intelligence (AI) on the iPhone. You can now use Apple Pay to make transactions with voice commands through Siri. Furthermore, the AR kit now let’s iOS app developers create apps with breathtaking visuals to give users a memorable experience. All of these new features are revolutionizing the way people use their iPhones, which is why many enterprises are looking to hire iOS developers.

But before you hire the services of an iOS a

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Tips for Choosing iOS App Development Company For Your Business

Having worked with World’s top brands by offering best of ios app development services we have been adding value to business processes and there by implementing enterprise mobility solutions for many companies. This makes HokuApps a reliable iOS App Development Company offering enterprise mobility solutions. Our web and mobile software engineers make a team of avant-garde specialists. Hire iPhone Developer from us and be assured of timely execution of your app development project requirements.

HokuApps is a trusted iPhone application development provider offering precise technical evaluation, scoping of the app development projects, best in the industry pricing, flawless and dynamic iPhone Development Services among iOS development companies. As per the requirements & necessities of the clients, we have delivered varied iPhone applications across 22 industries spawning multiple complex business workflows.

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Why you need an iPhone app for fun, business and everything else

iPhone application development is a fertile strategy for multiple industries. Almost every company with customers invests in iPhone application development, and for good reason. iOS apps are already held in high regard by users all over the world, which means that any app on App Store will be viewed, downloaded and used by a large number of individuals. The potential customer pool for an iOS app number in the millions. Consequently, iOS app development Services have become pivotal to the software strategies of every company competing on a digital level.

iPhone application development is equally potent for multiples industries, be it entertainment, business or anything else.


People love their smartphones primarily because they are incredible sources of entertainment. You can play games, watch movies, music videos, TV shows, shop for anything on this planet or even fiddle with interesting apps like Effing Weather. Given the sophistication of iPhones and iPads, creating

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Benefits of iOS App Development for Your Business

Top Brand Value

Apple is one of the world’s most trusted brands and it is needless to say that anything related to it would be trusted too. iOS users are aware that mobile applications available to them are thoroughly tested by Apple before being considered for downloading. Hence, it is the brand value of iOS mobile app development that drives more customers to trust a business app.

Aesthetically Designed Icons for Apps

As compared to Android, iOS icons of a majority of the apps are way more appealing. They are designed dynamically and few apps show notifications even without having to log in. This would help your business communicate effectively with others.

Better Scalability

To grow business, scalability of products is a major factor and mobile application is the easiest way to do that. It is possible through the customized iOS apps development, eventually, ensuring profits for your business.

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