How to recondition batteries at home

battery reconditioning at home

Battery Reconditioning is a very simple process

These are the tools that we use for battery reconditioning: we need safety glass, a plastic funnel, a battery hydrometer, a battery post cleaner, a common screwdriver, a voltmeter with probes on it - a battery load tester and the chemicals that we add.Although reconditioning is very simple, you need to work hard to understand the basics of the art before you could master it. There are many simple techniques which will bring back 100% power to the battery. Even though you might claim that rechargeable batteries do the same, they are dependent on power cables.Without power cables, it is impossible to recharge batteries but you can recondition batteries without them. Now days, you need batteries everywhere. Be it your Mobile Phone, iPods, Emergency Lamps or a Golf Cart, you need battery everywhere. But there is one bad thing about them that is they go off when you need them the most. You won't have a charger near you at that time and your life itself might become miserable because of that

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