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Budget Cloud Hosting Provider

by @anaskelly - Dec 02, 2017 - Best Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting services have become more popular than ever before, with the increasing trend of online business. Today, there are numbers of best clouds hosting service available in India. With the advancement and understanding of the current market scenario many providers has launched the next generation cloud service to the user. They offer everything that you expect from a real cloud platform, such as:

  • Cloud for small businesses and big enterprises
  • Automatically scalable and flexible cloud that can scale any web application in real-time
  • Pay for actually used resources not server size - that works on pay-per-use model
  • Offers platform ready automated for DevOps with Python, Node.js, Java, PHP, Ruby and Docker Support
  • Automatic scaling options- where you can setup maximum RAM and CPU for each server, setup the triggers to add and remove web/application server nodes in your existing environment
  • Traffic Distributor - where you can setup intelligent workload balancing between serve
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