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by @angela - Jan 11, 2018 - Competitive Drone Racing

FPV drone racing is open to all and newbie are always welcome. Racing quadriceps is relatively simple and can be designed at low costs, making FPV drone racing very available for all.


If you’re fascinated by FPV drone racing you can go along to a competition conference at any of our associated FPV drone racing groups and be sure of a fun, safe and interesting time!


 FPV drone racing is a new high-speed Drone World Championship sport that is often in comparison to competitive video game playing. Racing drones are very different to the drones used to take high-quality aerial videos and photographs. Using FPV goggles or monitors, pilots fly quad-copter drones through three-dimensional courses reaching speeds to 120mph. FPV is short for First Person View and makes reference to the video signal transmitted from a camera connected to the top of the drone. The goggles show a live picture of a completely immersive experience, providing racers with the sensation that they are flying.


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