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Competitive Drone Racing: Always Choose The Best Drone Tagged Posts

Competitive Drone Racing: Always Choose The Best Drone

FPV drone racing is a new high-speed Drone World Championship sport that is often in comparison to competitive video game playing. Racing drones are very different to the drones used to take high-quality aerial videos and photographs. Using FPV goggles or monitors, pilots fly quad-copter drones through three-dimensional courses reaching speeds to 120mph. FPV is short for First Person View and makes reference to the video signal transmitted from a camera connected to the top of the drone. The goggles show a live picture of a completely immersive experience, providing racers with the sensation that they are flying.


Almost all Competitive Drone Racing nowadays use the FPV techniques. The FPV (Front Person View) drones are more compact in comparison to plain drones and usually be less heavy and much quicker. Usually, racers will make their own drones intended for rate, speed, efficiency and sturdiness. These customized drones provide higher control and are able to fit through more comp

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