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Things to See and Notice in Spotted Lake

Things to See and Notice in Spotted Lake
  1. This is one of the best things to do in the city, however, the country is full of the lakes.
  2. It is an endorheic alkali lake and it is the only reason for the lake's colours.
  3. The lake's water is highly concentrated with the various minerals.
  4. The colour of the lake changes continuously during the day according to the sunlight. This may blow your mind.
  5. The lake also consists of the scared facts in the stories. According to the local people the lake has healing power.
  6. Soaking and taking bath is not allowed in the lake.
Way to See the Lake: The lake is a protected area. As per the rules you are allowed to get close to the lake. However, you take photos from the described distance. More about Spotted Lake (How to Reach?)Spotted Lake   Accommodation/ Food
  1. Accommodation is available in the town Osoyoos.
  2. You can book the rooms for night or day stay in the hotel.
  3. The visitors may or may not be able to able find some cafe or restaurant near the l
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