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VVDI MB Tool All Key Lost Programming for Benz W210

by @autodiag - Sep 16, 2018 - VVDI MB Tool

our dream comes true! !! Mercedes Benz W210 all keys lost has solution, that is the newest version VVDI MB V4.1.0 plus one Power Adapter. This post goes for the details and instructions.VVDI2 Programmer   Password calculation in 4 steps:  What is the purpose of this MB power adapter? 1.Mercedes-Benz power adapter can be used in the FB3 system all lost and gateway simulation, works: class C, E, CL, CLK, MK, GL, GLK and other models. 2.Use the Mercedes-Benz power adapter to collect W210 W204, W207 all lost, only need 18 minutes. If you don’t use the Mercedes-Benz power adapter, it will take about 150 minutes. VVDI MB power connector will help you save nearly 2 hours. 3.Use VVDI MB Tool power adapter to collect W210 W216, W164, 2009 + all lost, do not need to plug the infrared adapter. If without the Mercedes-Benz power adapter needs to plug 500 times, this adapter help you operate easily. 4.Support gateway simulator function, without the gateway, you can get access to W210,W164, W164 2

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FVDI J2534 download and install on win7 8 10

by @autodiag - Sep 14, 2018 - FVDI J2534

FVDI J2534 features in Ford Mazda IDS diagnosis and online module programming, meanwhile it is tested OK to work with Ford IDS V110, Mazda IDS V108, Toyota TIS V13.00, Honda HDS V3.102, Land Rover/Jaguar SDD2 V153, Nissan CONSULT III plus R2R V80.11. It is fullly compatible with SAE J2534-1 and partly compatible with SAE J2534-2. It is better than many J2534 interfaces. FVDI J2534 Interface package: The USB is for communication with the computer, the CD is packed with driver. Compatible software for J2534: Ford IDS V110 Mazda IDS V108 Toyota TIS V13.00 Honda HDS V3.102 Land Rover/Jaguar SDD2 V153 Nissan CONSULT III plus R2R V80.11 FVDI J2534 software & driver Installation on win7: USB communication OS: Win7(64bit), Win8, win10 CPU:  Pentium 3/1GHZ~ Pentium4/1.8GHZ or above Memory(RAM): 256M ~ 512M or above HDD: 40G ~60G or above Display: 800×600 ~ 1024×768 or above USB interface: One or more

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How to Solve XTOOL X100 Pad2 Data Load Fail

by @autodiag - Sep 05, 2018 - XTOOL PAD2

One XTOOL X100 PAD2 users turned to us that when he tried to tap the car models of X100 PAD2, the error will appear with the note that “fail to load data”. The version of his xtool x100 pad2 app is V3.1.5. The error shows as below:  Solution:

  1. Reset XTOOL X100 Pad2 to factory settings (the reset button is in the setting)


  1. delete the file call “XTOOL”in the nand flash


  1. Reinstall the XTOOL X100 Pad2 app

XTOOL  Article from:How to Deal with XTOOL X100 Pad2 Fail to Load Data

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XTOOL PS90,XTOOL PS80 and AutoProPad,Which is Better?

by @autodiag - Sep 03, 2018 - XTOOL PS90 XTOOL PS80

Xtool PS90, PS80, AutoProPad and AutoProPad Lite are almost the same and different in some aspects. 1.Functionality: Xtool PS90,XTOOL PS80 and the AutoProPad/Lite: All Units have the same functionality incl. diagnosis on a wide range of car models, special functions (eeprom, ecu reset, GAS, Hang, light, ostbms, EPB, TPS, TPMSRESET), EPS for American / Asian / China-made/ European cars, Immobilizer for many cars, mileage adjustment, service light reset etc. The king would be the PS90 because of the hardware and its ports. 2.Coverage: There are 3 firmware 1.PS90>>2.PS80>>3.autopropad all three have the same coverage. The lite came out in February to have a lower cost tablet. That tablet comes with less coverage, no camera, no kc100. 5.Language English and Chinese Regardless, Xtool tools especially PS90 is a great machine to have, saves a lot of AD tokens, I’m happy with it.

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CGDI MB Prog Customers Frequency Questions

by @autodiag - Sep 02, 2018 - CGDI MB

Question: Where to buy CGDI MB tokens? Answer: Buy token here:

  1. CGDI Prog MB can calculate the password twice free each day for the first 180 days (from the day you activate device) 2. It will cost usd70 for another 180 days tokens, please pay to Tokens for CGDI Prog MB Key Programmer. After you pay for it, can calculate online two times per day too. (to get new authorization for tokens, it will take about 12hours after you pay usd70 to us) 3. If you have CG100 PROG III Airbag Restore Devices and CGDI Prog BMW MSV80, pls pass us serial number to bundle them together, you will have two more tokens, which means 4 free tokens per day. And if you have CGDI Prog BMW MSV80 only, we can bundle with your CGDI MB too to have one more token per day, which means 3 free tokens each day.

Question: what Mercedes Benz models can CGDI MB work with? Answer: Please read this feedback:

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Jaguar XJ Check Engine Light On Repair Guide

by @autodiag - Aug 28, 2018 - JLR SDD

A 2006 Jaguar XJ sedan with a mileage of approximately 110,000 km and a 3.0 L V6 engine. The car was inspected and repaired due to the engine failure light.JLR SDD Mangoose

Another issue: Jaguar XK / XKR ( X150 ) Passenger seat recline Repair Troubleshooting: After the vehicle is picked up, the test is verified to be faulty, the ignition switch is turned on, the engine is started, the engine is started smoothly, and the engine fault light on the instrument panel is lit, and the fault phenomenon does exist. Connect the fault detector and retrieve the fault code. The fault code is "B2139 Data mismatch (received data does not match expected data)", which means that the password does not match; "P0171-00 System too lean (bankl)", The meaning is that the cylinder group 1 is too lean; "P0174-00 System too lean (bank2)", which means that the cylinder group 2 is too lean; "U1262 SCP 01850" Communications bus fault", which means SCP U1850) bus Communication failed.JLR Key Programmer Tr

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How to use EUCLEIA TabScan S7 Reset EPB for Audi A8 2011

by @autodiag - Aug 22, 2018 - EUCLEIA TabScan S7

Here comes the guide on how to reset EPB for Audi A8 2011 by EUCLEIA TabScan S7.Hope it helps! Vehicle Information: Audi A8 2011 Manufacturer:Audi AG Neckarsulm VIN:WAURGB4H3CN0**** Type:A8L 3.0 TFSI quattro Products for Operation: EUCLEIA TabScan S7 EUCLEIA TabScan S8 Procedures: Connect EUCLEIA TabScan S7 to vehicle and enter the “Service” menu to select “EPB Reset”

Select “Audi”-->”A8

Select “A8(D3)”

Select “Replacement of brake pads” According to notes to release handbrake, then click “Yes”, at this time the rear brake pump motor will be heard for a few seconds to be retracted. After the retraction is completed, install the new brake pad according to the notification, then click “ok”.

The brake pump is released,please wait...

Lease replace brake pad for the two rear wheels! At this time rear brake pump will ring for few seconds, after the branch pump is released , click ok. Replace brake pad success!

All operation completed, quite system, press electrical handbrake b

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How to Use Vident iLink400 to Read I/M Readiness Status Data?

by @autodiag - Aug 21, 2018 - Vident iLink400

Vident iLink400 I/M Readiness option allows to view a snapshot of the operations for the emission system on OBDII/EOBD vehicles. I/M Readiness is a useful function used to check if all monitors are OK or N/A. The vehicle’s computer performs tests on the emission system during normal driving conditions. After a specific amount of drive time (each monitor has specific driving conditions and time required), the computer’s monitors decide if the vehicles emission system is working correctly. When the monitor’s status is:   OK - vehicle was driven enough to complete the monitor.   INC (Incomplete) - vehicle was not driven enough to complete the monitor.   N/A (Not Applicable) - vehicle does not support that monitor. There are two types of I/M Readiness tests: Since DTCs Cleared - shows status of the monitors since the DTCs were last cleared.This Drive Cycle - shows status of monitors since the start of the current drive cycle. There are two ways to retrieve I/M Readiness Status data: O

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CGDI BMW Prog Program BMW F Series

by @autodiag - Aug 06, 2018 - CGDI BMW

This article show a guide on how to program BMW F Series by CGDI BMW Prog. Procedures: Open the doors and meters,connect CGDI BMW to vehicle by OBD. Then run the BMW CGDI software and select ”BMW F Series Program” Data was read successfully,display relevant module information Here take FEM-Body programming as a example,click “Program” Please ensure that the battery has enough power and click “Yes” Make sure the VIN is correct Support modification Programming,please be patient Verity FLASH correctly and program successfully Src: Article from:How to Program BMW F-Series by CGDI BMW

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OBDSTAR X300 PAD2 Correct Odometer for Benz W169

by @autodiag - Aug 05, 2018 - OBDSTAR X300 PAD2

Today Leo showed us how to use obdstar X300 DP Plus to program mileage on Benz A169, please note, what he used is a testing kit, in the real test, you need only use the OBDII cable to connect the machine and the OBD port of the Benz instead of dismantle the dashboard. OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus

  1. Connection.
  1. Tap “Cluster calibration”.
  1. Tap “Benz”.
  1. Initial communication failed, please confirm that the diagnostic line is connected normally.
  1. Communicating successfully
  1. Enter A series -> W169
  1. Switch ignition on.
  1. Reading mileage.
  1. Current mileage 8015KM.
  1. Please input the mileage of the adjustment.
  1. The dashboard will automatically turn off and on, means the machine is communicating with it.

Done in 3 minutes.

From OBDSTAR , post OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus program mileage on Benz W169

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