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How to Diagnose Netgear Wireless Router Connection Issues

Netgear Wireless Router considered as the best, and reliable connectivity support with the internet and Wi-Fi networks. In spite of being of the user first choice, still, sometimes the users are required to Troubleshoot Netgear Wireless Router Issues for indicating LED on the internet is on or off, and much more.

How to Diagnose Netgear Wireless Router Connection Issues

How you can diagnose the connection problems in Netgear Wireless Router:

  1. First, turn off all devices like computer, router, and the modem and wait for 20-30 seconds. After that, turn on all the same and connect to the internet for checking that problem has been fixed or not. 
  2. Visit the official site of Netgear, update the drivers. If there are any updates available to download for driver, then download and install them. Reboot all devices if prompted. Runs windows update and then download and install the all latest updates.
  3. Make your system a wired one by connecting the Ethernet cable to your computer and router. 
  4. Login to the router's interface and then review the se
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