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Cooperative Energy Tariffs

Co-operative Energy is a venture of UK’s leading Midcounties co-operative. Company supplies gas and electricity to UK households at competitive prices with quality service. Cooperative energy launched a new tariff Co-op Green Fixed Sept 2018 this month. This is a kind of fixed price tariff and by choosing this one can freeze the energy prices until 30th September 2018.

Company offers membership just for £1 and Brits can be a part of UK’s leading co-operative group. As being a member of Co-operative energy, you will get a point of every £2 spend on energy. Every month you can earn 25 points by sending meter reading (50 points if you send gas and electricity meter reading).

According to the latest data revealed by Ofgem, 398, 150 electricity and 296,055 gas switches occurred in the month of February this year. Still there are around 50 percent households who never applied energy switch. They are overpaying on their utility bills. FreePriceCompare helps Brits to compare home energy pric

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Compare Home Energy Prices at FreePriceCompare

Summer is here and the heating is off but the surging cost of household energy bills is still a big anxiety for thousands families in the UK. As election being just around the corner, Politicians have cottoned on, with Labour and the conservatives promising a cap on energy bills to grab the votes but there is nothing more than a manifesto matter. UK households don’t have patience to wait for new Government’s action for cutting-down the energy bill.

Ever wonder how much easier energy switching would be if you never had to worry about finding cheaper energy deals?

FreePriceCompare came up with hassle-free energy price comparison tool that enables you to find the gas only, electricity only and dual fuel energy plans online. We compare home energy plans offered by 33+ UK energy suppliers including Big Six. Our website has detailed information on latest tariffs launched by the companies and tariff cancellation fees applicable on switching. You can estimate the savings on annual energy bil

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Cosmetic Car Insurance

Car Insurance premiums are sky rocketing since last two years due to rising in the Insurance premium tax (IPT) and growing number of whiplash claims. No claim discount would be a great aid for motorists at the time of renewal. It slashes premium by 20 percent or more. In order to protect No-claim discount (NCD), people avert from making claim for minor damage like scratches and dents. Such minor damages in your new car spoil your pocket merely when you get them repaired. To give you peace of mind, car insurance providers introduced a new kind of cover called cosmetic car insurance. It protects your no-claim bonus on your standard car cover and you can get cash sum for minor damages in your car by making claim on your cosmetic car cover. Cosmetic car insurance would be add-on to your standard cover or you can buy it individually as well. is a leading car insurance comparison site in the UK offering no-obligation cosmetic car insurance quotes. Visit https://freeprice

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Flow Fixed July 2018

With a good cause of saving customer’s money, time and energy, Flow Energy Limited offers low cost gas and electricity across the country. Company also provides advanced heating systems and a range of smart connected home products. Flow energy ranked #1 for customer service by Citizen Advice in March 2017. Its customer service is also endorsed by customers on Trustpilot website. Flow Energy earned “Great” badge by scoring 8.3 out of 10 by its customers. Flow Energy launches a new fixed price tariff “Flow Fixed July 2018” which has replaced their Flow Fixed June 2018. If you will switch to this new Flow Fixed July 2018, you will be supplied gas and electricity at fix price until 30th June 2018. This is an online tariff and payment method is monthly direct debit. To experience the excellent customer service and affordable energy prices, one can choose the Flow energy. FreePriceCompare enables you to compare flow energy tariffs with other available energy plans offered by 33+ UK energy su

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Co op energy tariffs

Co-operative Energy, a popular public energy company where its 500,000 customers play an active role in deciding investment as well as profit sharing, provides 100% renewable electricity. The winner of many awards including those for sustainability, innovation and business achievement, Co-operative Energy is one of its kinds of UK energy companies. The company with a mission of lowering carbon emission also offers many rewards and perks to its customers. It has launched four new fixed price tariffs namely, My Co-op Lite July 2018, My Co-op Lite Xtra July 2018, Co-op Price Protect July 2019 and Co-op Price Protect July 2020. These are designed to be affordable for the members of the company and charges cancellation fee of £30 per fuel if the member switches away before the end of the contract period. You can compare these energy tariffs with other companies’ tariffs offered. For this, you can visit our website or call our energy price comparison experts on 0

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Toto Energy Smart Meter

Brighton based gas and electricity supplier TOTO Energy is gaining popularity in the UK household energy market. Company buys energy at wholesale cost so customers will get the cheaper prices than Big 6 companies with good customer service. Company has its own UK based call center and a team of customer support executives. TOTO PAYG Evergreen Saver, TOTO PAYG Discount Variable Saver and Go with the flow are few popular energy tariffs. One of the Toto energy customer Aaron Miller said “I am really pleased with the service and the cost of the products they have to offer”. In Trustpilot website, Around 152 customers posted reviews and ratings for Toto Energy. Toto scored average 6.6 out of 10. ToTo Energy installs smart meter that ensures accurate and automatic meter reading. Through this smart metering technology, company enables its customers to access all activities related to energy bill. Toto Energy mobile app allows you to keep eye on energy usage and this way one can cut-down the a

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ENGIE Green Fixed Sept 18 v3

Engie is recognized as #1 power producer in the world and recently company started its UK operation. However Engie is the new supplier for UK household, company have years of experience in supplying gas and electricity with excellent customer support practice. Company believes in fair prices at the same time providing 100% electricity from renewable sources. Engie has launched three new energy tariffs named ENGIE Fixed Sept 18 v3, Green Fixed Sept 18 v3 and ENGIE Fixed Sept 19 v2. All three tariffs have paperless billing option available so one can cut-down the energy bill around £31 by managing their account online. Engie Fixed Sept 18 v3 and Engie Fixed Sept 19 v2 are fixed price tariffs in which one will get 100% renewable electricity. By choosing Green Fixed Sept 18 v3, one can support Green Energy projects in the UK through ENGIE community energy initiative. There is a cancellation penalty of £30 per fuel applicable if you switch away before the end of fixed period. Engie would be

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Compare Home Energy Prices

Energy companies not only Big Six but medium to small supplier also whopped UK households with price hikes up to 15% in electricity and gas. Energy price rise is proving really heavy on the consumers as they are already bearing the fruits of Brexit which compels them to pay higher for food and other day-to-day necessities. The worst part is that young mums (under 25s) do not have money to feed their children; they skip meals regularly to manage a full plate meal for their kids. Financial experts suggest that the savings are the only weapon available with Brits to fight against such financial crisis. Price comparison sites like play a vital role to secure huge savings on routine goods or services. According to the Ofgem’s latest report, the difference between the average standard variable tariff and the cheapest fixed price deal widened to 250GBP in March 2017. To combat this, the energy experts at FreePriceCompare urge all UK households to switch their energy suppl

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British Gas Cancellation Fees

Big Six energy companies are on the limelight for increasing number of customer complaints and constantly rising energy prices and British Gas isn’t an exception. If you are British Gas customers having a fixed price plan or variable tariff and looking for a cheaper energy deal from other suppliers then you should look into British Gas cancellation fees so you can estimate the saving amount on switching. Normally, British gas charges from £20 to £50 per fuel as exit fee if you move to another supplier before contract ends.

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2017 Proves To Be An Expensive Year For Owning A Car Check How!

by @freepricecompare - Apr 21, 2017 - New VED tax bands

Find here, the reasons why buying and maintaining car will be an expensive affair in 2017. To combat the increase you can choose an effective car cover comparison provider and save on the car cover premiums. Again, changing your driving pattern to a smoother one will save on car maintenance cost.

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