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Important things about photography that you should know

What is Photography all about?

Photography is a branch of knowledge or a systematic study of the development of permanent images using light or electromagnetic radiation (either electronically or chemically) and its numerous applications and practice in today’s world. Electronically, the images are captured by means of an image sensor and chemically, through a light-sensitive material like a photographic film. And people who practice photography, professionally or as a hobby are known as photographers.

Origin of the word ‘Photography’

The inventors of photography, viz, Nicéphore Niépce, Henry Fox Talbot and Louis Daguerre seem to have used different expressions to describe photography like "Photogenic Drawing"/"Talbotype"/"Calotype" (Talbot), "Heliography" (Niépce), and "Daguerreotype" (Daguerre).

How to start Photography?

Photographers generally use their lens/lenses and focus on the light given out by objects. This changes the true image on a sensitive and light surface, (which

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