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How To Have A Conference Call On An iPhone

Ever wanted to add another person to a phone call? Well, you can and it’s pretty simple!!

All you have to do once you’re in a phone call to the first person is tap the ‘add call’ button (the bottom left button with a + icon). From here, the original call will be placed on hold and you will be given the option to pick a contact to call. Once they answer, you’ll have the option to ‘merge calls’ and voilà, you’re done!

This can be done with up to 5 people, which is often easier than getting everyone in the same room at the same time!

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Get your IPHONE 6 REPAIR at cost effective prices

by @ifixedrepairs - Sep 23, 2018 - IPHONE 6 REPAIR

IPhones are the most loved phones in the market. People long to get their hands on an iPhone. IPhones are the trendiest and expensive of all the phones across the globe. IPhones have set a standard in the industry of mobile phones and electronic gadgets. IPhones tend to have this high prices because of their outstanding features and high security operating system. Apple is the only brand to have this high security tight operating system of its own. With all the outstanding features comes the extra added responsibility of maintaining iPhones. Among all the iPhones, iPhone 6 had been a hot seller and is still one of the most selling iPhone across the globe.

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Every one out of ten people you see around are walking with a broken screen smartphone in their hands. You too might be one of them. If you love your phone alot that you don’t want to go for a new phone just because you broke down the screen of your phone then you have reached the right place.

Got that iPhone 6 by spending a hell lot of money? And now you just broke down screen? If yes is the answer to these questions then don’t worry Ifixedrepairs got pocket friendly IPHONE 6 SCREEN REPLACEMENT for you.

There are various dealers out there in the market who assure that they provide you with the premium quality of screen parts for your IPHONE 6 SCREEN REPLACEMENT that too at super affordable rates but how to trust them as we know quality and cheap rates do not go hand in hand. Diners who claim to provide quality products at cheaper rates are definitely negotiating with the quality (Because who’ll negotiatewith his own profit) just to attract more customers and make more profits.


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