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Be an actively involved parent.

by @monicajenner66 - Sep 25, 2018 - mental health

Take an active interest in your teenager’s life by aiming for the three Ls: love, limits, and latitude.

    • Love. It may be uncomfortable, but show your teen some love. Thankfully, love is personal and can take many forms:
      • Give your child a bear hug after school (avoid early morning hugs, since at that hour most teens are like a bear waking up from hibernation)
      • Share a blanket as you watch a movie together on the couch
      • Buy their favorite treat as a surprise
      • Simply say, “I love you.”
      • Compliment what they are doing well (like earning an A in English class) while patiently discussing, not lecturing, areas for improvement (such as how they can improve their D in math).
      • Encourage participation in extracurricular events, such as sports, clubs, or volunteer organizations.
      • Show up to their soccer games, band concerts, awards ceremonies, or special events.
      • Don’t reject their grand dreams, like starting up a rock band; instead, help them make that dream a reality.
      • Do things together:
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STUDENT PROFILE at Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness

by @monicajenner66 - Sep 24, 2018 - mental health


Adolescents struggling with a variety of mental health diagnoses, behavioral problems, developmental issues, learning disabilities, substance abuse/dependence, school problems and relational difficulties find effective healing at Blue Ridge.

The admissions team at Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness is able to match your child’s unique circumstance to one of our niche groups and therapists specializing in a specific population.

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by @monicajenner66 - Sep 19, 2018 - mental health

David and I both knew that the end was near. It's raining in the Chattahoochee National Forest, the kind of cold rain that sings like a siren, seducing and inviting one to withdraw from the light, airy, cathedral of the mind, to descend into the sweet, watery depths of the soul. He and I were sitting under a tarp, shelter from the rain, huddling around the small, smoky fire that served to dissolve the boundary between us. It was David's 100th day in our wilderness therapy program, each of the previous days stretching through time, falling through space until they collected into a large pool, which seemed to be the totality of his young life. Each of these days, in recollection, seemed to be a journey of sorts through all the kingdoms of possible human experience: the outer darkness of parental betrayal, the scented oasis of joy, the citadel of teenage power and the open road of freedom. Yet, on this 100th day, here we were in the most unexpected of domains, the graveyard of grief and l

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Create A Comprehensive Marketing Communications Strategy in 4 Steps

by @monicajenner66 - Sep 18, 2018 - Marketing seo development

I’m assuming that your business wants to promote awareness of your brand to your target audience. Excellent! That’s the goal of a marketing communications strategy! The sales process starts the moment that your audience gets to know you and you get acquainted with them. Offering your audience a consistent brand experience throughout the sales process lays a solid foundation for better relationships and more sales.

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Guidance for Parents of Struggling Teens

by @monicajenner66 - Sep 18, 2018 - mental health

When you held your tiny infant in your arms, you wished all the best for their future: success, friendship, health, and joy. But eventually independence, rebellion, stressful life situations, behavioral issues, or emotional stressors set in. And here you are now, overcome with emotions centered around your struggling teen.

How can I help my son with his depression and anxiety?

What can I do to get my daughter to speak to me?

I don’t understand why my teen behaves/reacts this way.

How did I not see this coming?

Where did I go wrong?

What now?

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My business revenue has leveled off.

by @monicajenner66 - Sep 17, 2018 - Marketing seo development

Getting past the six-figure revenue mark is one of the biggest obstacles that business owners trip over. But once you exceed $100,000, earning a million bucks is just around the corner! (Insert the happy dance here!)

Hitting a plateau happens when you’re unable to see the operational choke points in your business process. In other words, you’ve been too intimate with your business for too long. Plus there are other elements stacked against you, such as paying your employees, meeting expenses and taxes. I know it’s hard to imagine that you can be too intimate with your business! Although that’s a sweet spot to be in, it can be detrimental as well.

A fresh set of eyes can quickly identify the areas that you’re stuck and offer creative solutions for growing your business.

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4 Proven Strategies to Align and Unite Your Marketing and Sales Teams

by @monicajenner66 - Sep 13, 2018 - Marketing seo development

Depositphotos_87727410_m-2015 (1)

Sales and marketing alignment is a struggle that organizations have been battling for years. The primary focus of a marketing department is to generate leads, while the sales team is responsible for turning those leads into customers. In Business Utopia, the marketing and sales teams would work in tandem, aligning their roles and goals to ensure that ROI becomes a joint responsibility. But in reality, it doesn’t always look that way.

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Mindshift Agency Services

by @monicajenner66 - Sep 12, 2018 - Marketing seo development

MindShift Agency started as Sites2Behold in 1999. We are a full-service agency working for small businesses on up to government and enterprise level entities.

In addition to supporting our clients, we also work as a subcontractor/partner for a few agencies providing resources to support their clients’ needs.

Through a proven process we get to the core business goals and pain-points of the client. We are then able to prioritize and develop key features & strategies to support these goals and solve the client’s pain points resulting in increased traffic and conversions.

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Our next training is September 27th to October 3rd.

by @monicajenner66 - Sep 12, 2018 - mental health

Instructors are pivotal to the success of BRTW.  Field instructors work an 8-day on, 6-day off schedule.  For the entire 8 days, instructors hike and camp with clients in the National Forest.  The program serves youth “in-crisis”, ages 13-18.  Field instructors work with licensed therapists to deliver an individualized experience to every client.

The Field Instructor position is great for someone who wants to have a positive impact on youth while working in a beautiful outdoor setting.  BRTW is known for their outstanding instructors and a high instructor to student ratio.

Field Instructors are trained on wilderness and therapeutic skills during a 7-day Orientation trip and they receive continual training throughout their employment.

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Field Instructor Training September 27th to October 3rd

by @monicajenner66 - Sep 10, 2018 - mental health


Thank you for your interest in Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness. We are a licensed treatment program that uses the wilderness setting to provide a clinically-focused intervention, teaching clients accountability, communication skills and healthy emotional and behavioral habits. BRTW’s main office is in Clayton, GA, in the southern Appalachian Mountains and borders the Chattahoochee and Nantahala National Forests. Clayton is conveniently located between Atlanta, GA, and Asheville, NC.

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