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The makarios path to self directed learning

The Makarios Path to Self-Directed Learning

Maslow’s famous hierarchy of needs is an excellent example of the “upside-down” educational approach that we employ at Makarios Community School. Just as an individual must build upon earlier foundations of physiological well-being, safety, belonging and self-esteem to reach the pinnacle of self-actualization, there are building blocks to becoming an autonomous, self-directed lifelong learner.

We propose that Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs fitted to Makarios Community School’s educational model offers the best chance for students to become self-directed learners. Technology is constantly changing, and our students will need to be adaptable in these dynamic times. They can not depend on being told what to do. They will have to be able to ascertain that which they do not yet know and have the ability to seek out solutions. To experience future success, students must have the time and space to develop as lifelong, independent learners. The earlie

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