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5 Things You Should Know About Your Kidís Brain throughout Childhood

As a parent, you have the privilege to watch your child grow and mature throughout life. It starts with hearing their first heartbeat to holding their tiny hand, supporting them through their first crush, cheering them on through their graduation from college and beyond. You dream of their future and do your best to help them be successful. No parent wants their child to suffer or be unprepared for their life, right? One of the major components of success as an adult is that the foundation was laid in your childhood to know how to think, plan and cope with life. I wish I had taken the time when mine were little to understand the importance of their brain formation and development. Continue Reading

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Parent Teacher Conferences at a Democratic Free School?

Parent Teacher Conferences at a Democratic-Free School? Our students have thoughtful, caring, proactive parents. Some of them are new to (or even puzzled by!) this unconventional way of doing school; others feel that it fits like the glove they’ve been waiting for.  Many of our parents have spent several seasons in a homeschool or unschooling mode, while some have been on a quest for alternative education in forms of self-directed learning, hack schooling or project based learning.  Whatever the case it is our pleasure to meet them exactly where they are along their parenting journey in a way that will benefit their student. After all, they know them even better than we do—their insights are unparalleled!   This connection between staff and parents takes a variety of forms. For example, we began this semester with “Parent-Teacher Conferences,” a time for parents to sit down with a couple of staff members and have a formal mid-year check-in about their student.    Continue Reading. continue reading
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