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Adolescents Wilderness programs for Teens

Adolescents, at Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness, experience an adventure that takes them beyond shifts in behavior to true second order change. We believe it is the depth of work and individualization that matter most, which is why we maintain a simple nomadic model. This allows for the greatest amount of flexibility to meet the needs of each unique teen we work with, as well as the peer group they are integrated within. The constant, gentle pressure on this model speaks volumes to our students. It reminds them of their own self-agency, power, compassion, responsibility, depth, and resilience.

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What is Wilderness therapy?

Wilderness therapy has been continuously evolving over the past fifty years. This evolution became more clinically intensive in the early to mid-90s when companies similar to Blue Ridge Therapeutic Wilderness in the western US recognized the power of the therapeutic intervention that was occurring without the supervision of a licensed clinical professional. By shifting to pair exceptional clinical services and supervision with the power of the wilderness experience, a new model was born that is more appropriate for the vulnerable and clinically complex clients we serve. Continue reading

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