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Welcome to Hopewell Psychological Inc. Our professional psychologists have been helping individuals, couples and groups learn new skills, enhance their relationships and explore solutions to their mental health challenges. We help Hopewell clients to achieve their goals in life, with the care and support of our professional psychologists. Each St. Albert psychologist at Hopewell Psychological Inc. has experience in helping individuals, couples, groups, and families to lead a better life. We offer online and in-person therapy, with flexible hours.

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Couples Counseling in St. Albert

HopeWell Psychologists understand couples and their experience.  Every person has an innate sense of belonging – we want to feel important and special to a special someone. With this in mind, our experts use a researched based approach, Emotionally Focused Therapy, in order to help couples regain their closeness, trust, and reach goals. We provide a supportive and non-judgmental environment in which we strive to understand each partner’s experiences and struggles. Our psychologists help couples gain a greater awareness of their relationship, enhance their communication skills, and teach couples to collaboratively solve their problems. Through our use of Emotionally Focused Therapy, we provide couples of all ages and life stages with the best method of couples counselling in St. Albert.

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Leduc Depression Counselling

Find your inner motivation and strength to improve your life, with our depression counselling. Anyone can experience depression – it often develops as a result of prolonged and ongoing stress that you have felt helpless about and unable to change, such as an ongoing relationship problem with a co-worker or a boss. HopeWell Psychological can provide you with effective treatment using depression counselling in Leduc that can help you overcome isolation, lack of motivation, and loss of happiness.

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St Albert Counselling

St. Albert psychological therapy is a collaborative process between psychologist and client. Out therapy services aim at facilitating change and improve your quality of life and relationships, to create a better tomorrow.  Our therapies help people confront the barriers that interfere with them establishing mental and emotional well-being. We not only assist clients in developing insights, but also allow them to become more self-aware, so that they can learn more about who they are, and how they want to interact with the world.

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