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Due to the language barrier and cultural differences, most companies that do web design company in Ho Chi Minh city have found out that they must create their own localized version of their website if they want to target the local Vietnamese. These localized versions are not simply translated versions of the original websites, however. They need to be adapted, adjusted, tweaked to match the cultural backgrounds and browsing behaviors of the target audience in Vietnam.   “ Website is quickly becoming an essential marketing channel for businesses in Vietnam. ”   There is no shortage of IT talents in Vietnam, in 2015 Cushman & Wakefield releases global comprehensive report which ranks Vietnam at the world’s premier destination for business process outsourcing.  While the majority of the custom web design services is still 10 years behind the world with generic layout, unfriendly design, incompatible web pages, things are changing quickly. A number of business owners have realized that continue reading
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