recordable sound module, speed limiter for car

recordable sound module, speed limiter for car

The laser bird repellent device may help you

by @ninechip - Jul 13, 2018

Method: green laser beam at night to circulate and fire the grassland.

   The "night shift" is imported from France. It is the most expensive equipment in the long water repellent device, with a price of about 520 thousand yuan per set. There are 4 sets of long water airports and two sets of runways to prevent birds from staying overnight. He said the repellent bird could let a large number of repellent workers make a little relief when they drive the birds at night, and the laser it sends is 532 nanometers, which is harmless to the human body. Then it is the high altitude repellent bird projectile. Method: bird repellent blasting on the grass to drive birds away and prevent birds from coming. "Bang bang" can be heard at different locations in the flying area of the long water airport. This is a fixed sentry guard at the edge of the runway that drives bird bombs in the air, using sound to scare birds near or flying to the flight area. Such high altitude repellent, the long water airpo

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BQ-1A new biological bird repellent device

by @ninechip - Jul 12, 2018

With the improvement of the ecological environment and the continuous development of the scale of the power grid, the bird's nest building on the transmission and distribution line tower is more and more common, which poses a great threat to the safe operation of the transmission and distribution lines. According to the experience accumulated in recent years, the year February to September is the frequent period of bird activity and also the bird damage. The peak of the accident. The bird damage has the characteristics of long period, wide distribution, high risk and not easy to control. It directly or indirectly causes the grounding and interphase short circuit fault of transmission and distribution transformer, which seriously threatens the reliable and safe operation of the transmission and transformation equipment.

   BQ-1A type biologic bird repellent device is a new type of biological repellent developed by middle and open dimension specially designed for bird damage of distribu

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