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There's a lot of good stuff in Google's major update. These include high-priority notifications, confidential mode, and better offline support. The bad news is many of the best features aren't here yet. Here's what you can put to work now.

Smart Reply is a feature that's been available in the mobile version since 2017. Smart Reply works by using Google machine learning to suggest three responses to your emails. You can ignore them, pick one and hit send, or choose one and add additional text. The more you use it, the better the suggestions you'll get.

These tend to be generic replies such as "Thanks!" or "I'm working on it now". It's not much, but sometimes all you need is a quick, pithy reply.

Another new option is to snooze emails. This is another feature that Google has shown off before, having first appeared in the Google Inbox mobile app. With it, you can set a message so that it pops up later when you have time to deal with it.

This isn't just ignoring

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