4 Reasons to Opt for Gun Props instead of Real Guns

Legal Restrictions

4 Reasons to Opt for Gun Props instead of Real Guns

Safe Display

Despite being made of metal, gun props do not fire which is due to the fact that there are metal plugs placed inside the replica’s barrels. Also, replica guns are not manufactured of high-tensile steel which generally enables a real gun to withstand heat and pressure which gets emitted from gunpowder and gases. Moreover, the gun props’ chambers and clips are narrow in size which makes it impossible for real bullets to get fit into these parts.

Even replica guns require being treated with responsibility and safety which means that it would be a stupidity to take gun props with you out in the public. Trust me, replica guns are most safely displayed within the safe boundaries of your home or office.

Perfect Non-Lethal Replicas

Referring to prop guns, the best thing about them is that these are available in the market in all varieties and models. This means, that if you are looking for antique guns, such as a genuine 1861 Navy Colt, you might be lucky enough to find this i

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