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Ricardo Cordova

by @ricardocordova - Mar 06, 2018 - Ricardo Cordova

You should know why is he doing all this? Let me tell you Ricardo Cordova was shocked when schools banned woodwork classes and offering basic woodworking courses to students. He was not able to believe it and was upset when school did all this. Many a times Ricardo had organize woodwork campaign for the students in order to give them a basic training and this was for free.

His thinking is that every student must know the basic knowledge about the woodwork and now where will they get the basic knowledge and training when local school has shut down their woodwork classes for the students. Ricardo Cordova wants to change the myth that anything can only be built by purchasing costly machines.

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Ricardo Cordova

by @ricardocordova - Feb 07, 2018 - Ricardo Cordova

Ricardo Cordova gives his time to any kind of woodwork. Ricardo is fond of listening to Rock and Pop music, music helps him to stay attentive during any work. Reading thriller novels by an amazing author is another hobby. He has many times built bats and hockey with wood for poor children who are not capable of buying such stuff from the market. Ricardo loves to travel places and appreciate its beauty. Ricardo is even fond of going to a casino and playing golf.

As I told you above that local schools stopped woodwork classes, hence he started organizing woodwork events for the children who are really interested in taking it their profession.

Once Ricardo Cordova organized an event and he saw few kids doing amazing woodwork. They were using all the tools properly and safely. Ricardo says that sharpening your tools is a fundamental and foundational skill for any student that becomes the part of Ricardo’s class.

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