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Roku is one of the most famous streaming device manufacturers in the world who provides us many streaming devices like Roku HD and Roku Streaming Stick+. Roku provides us with an amazing combination of hundreds of marvelous TV channel apps and add-ons like HBO Go, ABC, Starz, Showtime Anytime, Netflix, YouTube, CW, ESPN, PBS, Fx Networks,  etc. which we can add to our Roku streaming device and stream up to 4K capabilities. You would only be able to stream TV shows in 4k on Roku if your TV is 4K compatible. The company provides a free HDMI extender to its customers to increase the length of their HDMI ports from the back of their TVs to the point from where they can easily use their IR Roku remote. In order to watch or stream a channel on your Roku, you first need to link your Roku device to a Roku account by visiting Once the account validation is done, your Roku device is ready to stream your favorite TV shows and movies till your heart's content.


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Simple Steps To Activate Roku Mobile App

by @rokucomlinkactivate - May 21, 2018 - Roku Mobile App

Roku Mobile App Activation

If you want to see your favorite channel on your mobile phone then you need to Roku mobile app. If your Smartphone is having Roku mobile app then you can play directly online videos, movies and TV shows etc.

If you don’t have Roku mobile app on your mobile phone, then you can go to Roku play store ->download the Roku mobile app from Roku play store. Now you can play online videos, movies, TV shows on your mobile phone.

Note* you can use Roku mobile app on Android or Smartphone. Here we give complete information about Roku mobile app.

Steps to activate Roku mobile app with

Make sure that you are always connecting your Roku and mobile phone with the same type of network connection.

Sometimes, users are unable to connect their Roku as well as mobile phone to the same type of network. Generally, this is due to some reason:

  • Selected WiFi(Wireless) network may be wrong.
  • You can enter the wrong password on the select network.
  • The router is n
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Tips And Tricks To Reset Roku Player

Simple Steps To Reset Roku Player

The Roku is a digital video player. It can streams videos, movies, news channel and much more through the high-speed internet. If you can purchase new Roku box then you need roku com link code for its activation. If you are having a problem with roku com link account and if your Roku player is not working properly then you have to reset your roku player.

So, steps for performing the Roku reset are as given below:

  • First of all turn off your TV Set.
  • Now Turn the Roku player around and then look for a reset button on the bottom of the Roku player.
  • After that, you can press reset button of Roku player and wait for few seconds.
  • Then you turn on your TV Set, The Roku player will reboot if you have pressed the button properly. If you are having a problem with rebooting, then turn off the TV and also Disconnect the Roku player from the power supply, then leave it unplugged approximately for 30 seconds.
  • Turn on the Roku Player again and wait for someti
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Roku Streaming Device

Steps For Roku Activation

  • Kindly unpack your Roku streaming player and check all the belongings.
  • If you have purchased Express+ streaming device, it also includes the composite cable.
  • Simply connect your home Television to Roku media device using the HDMI wire.
  • Further, you have to connect your Roku streaming device to the power supply.
  • Now Turn on your Roku Media box
  • Afterward, choose a language from the drop-down list that you can see on your Television screen
  • Before that, you have to pair Roku remote with your Roku streaming player.
  • Afterward, you can start on-screen setup process and the internet connection
  • Now, you can Connect the Roku streaming device to the wireless(Wi-Fi) connection or wired(LAN) internet connection
  • Wait for Roku software update
  • Once your player restart after a reboot, you can find the Roku activation code over the Roku screen
  • You can set up your account using the Roku link code.
  • Once you can complete all above steps, then your Roku
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Free Comedy Channels On Roku Player

by @rokucomlinkactivate - May 04, 2018

Best Comedy Channels On Roku

As you know, Roku provides a wide range of comedy channels for the entertainment. You can simply activate any comedy channel on Roku by using roku com link account.

Classic comedy channel:

This channel allows you to watch the comedy shows from comedy legends like Robin Williams, Rodney Dangerfield, Richard Pryor and many more.

Comedy dynamics:

It allows you to access some of the sharpest and smartest laugh material written by the people with best comedic minds.

Stand-up TV on Pluto TV:

Stand-up TV on Pluto TV allows you to watch a huge amount of movies, TV shows, cartoons, games, news, sports and many more.

Comedy Time:

This channel will allow you to watch comedy shows and funny movies.

Laugh factory:

The laugh factory's channel will allow you to watch latest and upcoming talents from the well known and reputed comedians like Tim Allen, Maz Jobrani, Dave Chappelle and more.

Stand-up channel:

This channel is one of the most beneficial channels f

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What to do if your Roku player is too hot?

by @rokucomlinkactivate - Apr 16, 2018

What to do if your Roku player is too hot?

Overheating for a long time can harm your player badly and you experience from device performance issue with your Roku player. Also, you can visit at, here you can get a solution to resolve this sort of issue.

  1. First and foremost, you have to cool down your Roku player.
  2. Next, Expel the power supply for your Roku player and put it an open place or in front of a fan.
  3. After a couple of minutes, if your Roku player gets cool down, you need to provide power supply to your device and check the status LED.
  4. Further, if the status LED is white that indicates everything is ok and temperature of your Roku device is normal.
  5. On the other hand, if LED status again displays RED, you must require remove the power supply to your Roku device and discover a place where it can get cool air.

Besides, always place your Roku player where there is a source of fresh air because you will experience device temperature issue every time your Roku d

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Sling TV On Roku Player

Simple Steps To Activate Sling TV On Roku Player

  • Before you can start the installation process on your Roku player, make sure you have already roku com link account. If you do not, then create a new Roku account.
  • To begin, locate search on the left side of the screen corner.
  • Now type in Sling TV in the search address bar to locate the application.
  • The Sling TV application will populate as the 1st option on your list and click on the Sling TV to stay.
  • Next, go to Add channel option. Your Roku player will start installing the Sling TV application to your device.
  • Once the installation is done, then you can go to to your Roku Home screen and select the Sling TV app to begin your stream. If you don’t have a Sling TV account, then create it.
  • If you have any trouble during Sling TV activation on Roku then you can simply go through our site and get instant solution.

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Tips And Tricks To Add Private Channels On Roku Player

Tips And Tricks To Add Private Channels On Roku Player

Roku streaming device allows you to install private streaming channels which are completely hidden publicly. You won't find them when you browse the Roku channel store with your Roku remote control and to install them you will need Roku code.

Simple Steps to Install Private Channels On Roku

Step 1: Visit the official site of Rok  i.e -> login your Roku account > Open My Account Page

Step 2: Click adds a channel under manage account.

Step 3: Now, Enter the channel code or roku com link code and click on add channel button.

Once, you can complete the all above steps, then you can stream your private channel on Roku player.

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Roku Streaming Player

The Roku is a brand for streaming players and there are various Roku devices available. Uniquely, you can access the internet related contents over Roku devices.

Well, you can get three types of Roku devices:

  • Roku Box:However, the Roku Streaming Box is a small size box-shaped device. You can connect this device to your smart TV via HDMI cable. Roku box can support Wired or wireless internet services.
  • Roku Streaming Stick(Roku streaming stick model 3600r): In the same way, the Roku streaming stick comes in a tiny sized stick. It needs to insert into your smart TV's HDMI port. Explore all streaming shows in full HD picture quality.
  • Roku TV:Correspondingly, Roku TV is a complete device for streamers. It has all in one feature you do not to connect an external device to get entertaining contents.

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