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PCB Prototype and Assembly

Custom Printed Circuit Boards

For you to make a custom printed circuit board, it is important to put your circuit together in a circuit maker software that has the capacity to make simulations. This is helpful in the sense that you can simulate your circuit and ensure that it is working. There are some great circuit simulation programs that even check for any possible circuit or component flaws.

custom pcb.png


After all the circuit simulations are well done, and it is clear that the custom PCB will function as expected, the next step is to put the components of the custom circuit together in a breadboard. This step is important in ensuring that your circuit works well in the real world. Another important trick is to use development boards to test the practical circuit. This is especially important where microcontroller programming is needed. With the development boards, you may not even need the breadboard to test every part of your circuit since the development board has the female and/or male headers and all that you need

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Creating Gerber Files and Excellon Files with EAGLE 3.55

EAGLE provides a CAM job file, which will create your GERBER files for a, 2 layer board in an easy fashion. Please follow these steps: Gerber Files

Gerber Files

Load your board on the screen. To do this from the EAGLE Control Panel, click on File/Open/Board and select the board you will use.

Click on the Icon on the top Toolbar that says ULP. When the dialog box appears to select the ULP file called DRILLCFG.ULP from the ULP directory. In a matter of seconds the command line you will notice a message saying ULP has finished.

Now click on the Icon that stands for the CAM Processor. This will load the CAM Processor Screen. From this screen click on File/Open/Job (when asked to save “Modified Job” reply NO) and select the CAM job called GERBER.CAM from the CAM directory and click OK.

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by @sunshine - Oct 16, 2017 - pcb software PCB PCB prototype

ExpressPCB is a simple to use PCB layout package aimed at the first time user and designer. ExpressPCB offers a schematic capture program that integrates with their PCB layout software. The schematic and layout files can be linked to automatically carry changes forward. One neat feature is that you can group parts of a layout together and replicate, rotate, etc. as you would a component footprint.

ExpressPCB is meant to be used with the ExpressPCB manufacturing service and does not support outputting to standard formats directly.

There are two parts to ExpressPCB, CAD software, and board manufacturing service. The CAD software includes ExpressSCH for drawing schematics and ExpressPCB for designing circuit boards.


Why use ExpressPCB

ExpressPCB is designed to enable very fast rapid development of Electronic Schematics and Printed Circuit Board Layouts. Beginners and especially advanced users can quickly move an idea from concept to a physical PCB.

Designing a PCB

ExpressPCB is a

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PCB Order


After you are through with your PCB Designs, the next thing you want to do is to place your PCB Order. Wellpcb gives you the freedom to do your designs in whichever PCB Design software you want, provided you submit the required Gerber and drill files. Before you place a PCB Order, make sure that the company you want to work with has a history of producing high-quality PCBs and processing the PCB Order within a short time. In most cases, a PCB Design project may grow into a bigger project. This is why it is advisable that you make your PCB Order with a company that has a higher limit in capability than your current project.

pcb order.png


Most PCB Orders are usually in 2 to 4 layers. A company like WellPCB is able to handle from 2 to 28 layers, fast service the with minimum lead time of 2 days. This means that if you are starting with 4 layers, you have hope that even if you advanced your circuit to more layers, it will be easy to deal with the same company for your advanced PCB Order. It is

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by @sunshine - Oct 12, 2017 - Prototype PCB PCB Custom PCB


"Breadboard" or more precisely Proto-Boards are a type of solderless electronic circuit building. You can build an electronic circuit on a breadboard without any soldering! Best of all it is reusable.A Breadboard is utilized to ensure a circuit works accurately without soldering in the components since Breadboard has sockets you can push components into, and take them out of afterward.

A Breadboard is utilized to ensure a circuit works accurately without soldering in the components since Breadboard has sockets you can push components into, and take them out of afterward.

Some people confuse between proto-board and breadboard, however, the two are breadboards, one without and one with the "bus" strips.



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prototype pcb

An electronic product, from idea conceiving to the finished marketable product, passes through various iterative steps like requirement specifications, circuit design, breadboarding of critical circuit sections, design reviews etc... When a hardware or firmware that is built on a prototype PCB the manufacturers or employers do ask to build a prototype of that hardware. This prototyping or experimental work leads to a proof of concept of that hardware. Generally, a circuit on a PCB needs enough components functional testing and verification before it is qualified and passed for production.

In PCBs, the prototyping occurs at very earlier stages after circuit design, layout, and PCB fabrication. The experimentation in prototyping stage assures that the hardware meets the specifications. The goal is to verify that the product will be functional, accurate enough as per specifications, throughput efficient and environment-friendly when deployed in the field. This stage may take more than on

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PCB Online

The possibility of ordering a PCB Online is a great feature for PCB Designers all around the world. This makes very easy for anyone to produce PCB Prototypes because the PCB factory is not far from you after all. All you have to do is to go to a reputable PCB Manufacturing factory like and place an order based on your Gerber file and PCB Designs.

As a PCB Designer, it is important to take advantage of the current PCB Online services. With the advancement of the world wide web, today there are lots of websites that you can actually do all the circuit schematic in an online platform and also make your PCB Online on that same platform. However, most professional PCB Designers today still prefer a fully dedicated offline PCB Design program. This way, you do not need an internet connection and your PCB Design privacy is guaranteed.

Whichever the way you get your PCB Designed, the most important thing here is to get it printed cheaply online. are professional PCB Ma

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SMT Assembly

by @sunshine - Sep 29, 2017 - PCB Assembly PCB PCB Prototype

SMT or surface mount technology is a method applied to solder SMD (surface mount devices) components to PCBs that ultimately result in compact and small electronic products. The SMD components are smaller, lightweight and can be directly placed and soldered on the same side of the PCB.

In figure 1 an Atmega-8 with 28-pin dip package and 32-pin TQFP package is shown. The SMD component is much smaller as compared to the TQFP package IC and requires smaller height and area to solder.

smt assembly1_1.png

Figure 1: Comparison of Atmega-8 28-pin and TQFP-32 pin package IC.

e 2 an assembled PCB is shown with DIP and equivalent SMD packaged ICs. The SMD components assembled PCB is much smaller than its predecessor DIP packages.

 smt assembly2_0.png

Figure 2: Assembled PCB with DIP and equivalent SMD components

The SMT technology components have replaced their DIP counterparts due to their size and comparable prices. However, it is possible to use both of the technologies on the same board.

The SMT production process i.e.,

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PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly is a process of populating the bare circuit boards with the appropriate PCB Component. PCB Assembly has eventually become a very high precision process. This is mainly because, over the years, the PCB Assembly process has faced new challenges such as making the PCB as small in size and as thin as possible, while keeping a high signal integrity. In addition, the PCB Assembly work should be friendly to the environment and also to the humans handling it.

PCB Assembly is always done after the bare PCB has been made from the submitted PCB Design files. It is recommended that the PCB Designer chooses SMD parts as opposed to through-hole parts. This makes the PCB Assembly be faster, simpler and more efficient. The bare PCB is inspected and allowed to move on to the next PCB Assembly stage only if it has met the required standards without any flaws. From here, the PCB Assembly process begins: The stencil paste is applied then inspected. If found fit, the PCB parts are placed by t

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PCB Rapid Prototyping

One thing to note about PCB Prototyping is that it is different from PCB Manufacturing. PCB Prototyping is characterized by changes, while PCB Manufacturing involves mass production of the same design. Before you commission your PCB design for mass production, it is best for you to pass it through PCB Rapid Prototyping.For your rapid prototyping to be successful, you need to be equipped with the right tools. This is because PCB Rapid Prototyping is an iterative process. It needs to be completed fast during each run and the cost

For your rapid prototyping to be successful, you need to be equipped with the right tools. This is because PCB Rapid Prototyping is an iterative process. It needs to be completed fast during each run and the cost needs to be kept low to make the product development affordable. With PCB Design idea in mind, the PCB Design software facilitates the designer to turn the virtual idea into reality. This is where the PCB Rapid Prototyping process really begins.

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