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Zach Cormicle

Zach Cormicle has been working in Real Estate business for a long time now, beside him Real estate he has done Hydro Power Projects in Latin America, Previously he run Call Center business with over 150+ employees. Also there is bunch of work being done in Power Sports Business. And this is going to be an area of growth.

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Creaghan Harry

Creaghan Harry is a brilliant entrepreneur and founder of Procall in the early 1990's. He opened up a center in San Jose for his own business, and it grew to 9 centers across the globe. In 1996 Creaghan started a customer service call center in Florida supporting the aviation and some other industries.

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Mr. Sukanto Tanoto is the co-founder of Tanoto Foundation with his wife, Tinah Bingei, taking care of the native communities they operate in.

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Jeremy P. Feakins, CEO of Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation - Jeremy Feakins' life

Jeremy P. Feakins' life before he became an Entrepreneur was very different to what he does today. He served seven years in the British Royal Navy where he studied accounting and logistics support whether at war, reacting to an international crisis, protecting offshore resources or taking part in search and rescue missions. Wider responsibilities included providing professional advice on policy, personnel, naval regulations and accountancy matters. One of Jeremy's first appointments was aboard t

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