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Who provides the best Offshore Wordpress Development Services in the European Countries?

by @vedwebservices - Mar 14, 2018

Looking for top Wordpress Development Companies having skilled Wordpress developers with expertise in custom Wordpress development services?

WordPress is an open source CMS that offers the user with complete flexibility and control over the content of the website without any required coding skills. It is the most preferred platform as it is rich in features. According to recent research by W3Tech, almost 30 % of websites across the globe is using Wordpress.

downloadBeing the most promising WordPress Development Company, Ved Web Services is keen to help you to take your business goals to a new horizon, with the most flexible and customized web solutions as required especially for your business. 

Our Wordpress development services include:


We are an offshore web designing and development company serving a number of happy clients from countries like Australia, USA, Canada, UAE, New Zealand along with European countries like Sweden, Netherland, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, UK etc.

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How to Hire Best Developers from a WordPress Development Company?

Looking for a WordPress Development Company to build your Small or Medium Size business website?

Ved Web Services is recognized as one of the prominent outsourcing partners with the highest number of satisfied clients (direct clients as well as outsourced project clients).


We are serving as trusted outsourcing partners to a number of Web Design & Development Companies from countries like Australia, New Zealand, USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Netherland and other European countries.

Why choose us?

 Our professional WordPress developer’s team is keen to work on proven methodologies ensuring that the WordPress website development will be completed within the desired amount of time and with great quality code.

What We Do?

  • Customized WordPress themes development
  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • WordPress total maintenance & migration & support.
  • PSD to WordPress Website design
  • Woo-Commerce integration, customization, updation and maintenance.

Even if you are an IT company and w

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8 SEO Trends to follow in 2018 -

by @vedwebservices - Feb 26, 2018 - seo seo trends seo 2018

A month of the year 2018 already passed and with every passing day, Google is updating its algorithm & strategies to deal with websites. With these changing algorithms, SEO Trends are evolving in parallel. Now it’s not the same old SEO where you just had to put some link building activities, go through some On-Page optimization, a little bit of keyword stuffing and boom… You will be ranked at the top in SERP.

 In 2017, Google Rank Brain and other algorithm updates had already made things clear that the old activities like keyword stuffing, paid link building activities and other spam activities will not work now. In fact, it will lower your overall site quality and the ranking goes down. The ultimate result is a loss of your business.

Recently Google had published some of the articles, on which they had suggested some new ranking signals, which will appear in near future.

Check this

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OffShore Outsourcing: An invincible strategy to double your profit

Outsourcing is always a point of discussion at times of heavy workload or complex projects for smaller or bigger IT companies. It is like a horn of dilemma kind of situation for any entrepreneur to decide whether to outsource or to have an In-house team.

Though the concept of outsourcing has been in implementation since ages, it evolves nowadays largely with the evolution of technology. Technology makes it more practical, especially for the IT companies who like to deal with companies situated overseas. Hence, the question of “How to outsource IT Projects” is no longer be an issue. However, as mentioned above, the question “whether to Outsource or In-house?” remains as it is.

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Why & How to Improve Website Speed to Boost your SERP

We all love websites that load faster. In fact, Google also loves those sites that load faster. For obvious reasons!!!

Hence, today we will discuss in details about how to speed up website to boost SERP Ranking.

Before we start, let’s check out some stats that clearly explains:-

Why Site Speed is Important?
  • Amazon did tests that showed they would lose $1.6 BILLION every year if they slowed down by just one second.
  • Akamai’s 2015 Performance Matters report found that 49% of consumers expect a page to load in two seconds or less.
  • Currently, only 51% of consumers “wait patiently” for a website to load, compared to 63% five years ago.
  • If a site averages $100,000 a day in revenue, a one-second delay costs $2.5 million in sales every year.

 Looking at this stats, one thing is very clear that one can’t ignore “the site speed”.

Some major things to follow to speed up website –

The very first thing – need to do is – CHECK WHY SLOW?

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On Page SEO Checklist, for a Small Business Website in 2017

In our previous article, we have focused on Web Design & UI/UX Things for your Small Business. Besides Website Design, it is important that your small business website must follow SEO things to get rank in search engine.

There are two types of SEO you have to work on while planning for a website.

On-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO.

Today’s focus is only On-Page SEO. Let’s start with domain first.



The first thing you need to think about is your website domain name. Don’t take it lightly.

Usually, it is derived with the name of your company. If the company name is longer than usual, then you should use an acronym or something related to your key product/services (but remember to keep it short). Rand from Moz had perfectly articulated this in details on Moz blog.


If your website has functionalities that use confidential information such as credit cards information, then you must use SSL Certificate. According to Google, having SSL will affect minor boost in ranking.

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Planning for a Small Business Website? Design Things to keep in Mind...

Are you an entrepreneur? Did you start your business and planning for a website that will help you to expand your business?

Then this article is definitely for you...

Small Business Website Design

As said, a website promotes your business 24x7. Even, while you are sleeping. But, an ordinary website can't justify your business in this competitive business environment. Your small business must have a website that can stand out your business against your competitors.

To cut the crap, let’s start with the thing you should keep in mind while planning & designing a website for your small business.

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6 Best WordPress SEO Plugins to Boost Rank in SERP

In our previous blog, we had mentioned Why WordPress is beneficial for SEO Activities. As mentioned in that blog, WordPress default installation is not at all SEO friendly. With the use of some plugins and a little bit of manual work, WordPress becomes SEO friendly.

Right now, you can extend your experience with an option of 51,330+ plugins in WordPress library. Out of this great library, huge percentage of plugins are made with respect to SEO perspective. You can choose from them according to your requirements and can improve your SEO Rankings.

Here is a list of plugins every WordPress site must have to improve SEO. It’s not necessary that you had to install all of these plugins to improve SEO. You can use it according to your preference.

So let’s get start it with the number one WordPress plugin for SEO.

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Benefits of WordPress for SEO Activities on the Website

Wordpress for Seo

Back in 2003 – a time when a concept of blogging is not much popular, there is a platform named WordPress released with a core purpose of blogging.

Today that same platform is evolved to a full-fledged CMS & is being used by overall 28% of total websites all around the world.

Yes, it is WordPress – which is a perfect CMS favoured not only from designers and developers but also from the end users too.

Being this much popular, a question always arises… “Is WordPress SEO-Friendly?”

The answer is at first instant is BIG “Noooo”

Yes, you got it right as the default WordPress installation is not at all SEO-friendly!

Then, why WordPress is popular for designing & developing a website?

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Why WordPress is best online web platform for small and mid business websites?

WordPress is an online and free open-source content management system (CMS) developed using PHP and MySQL platform. Which is the easiest and authoritative blogging and website content management system (CMS) in existence today. It allows highly convertible user interface.

Wordpress for Small Business

Build your website on WordPress Not only for a Blogging:

A long time ago everyone thought WordPress is only a Blog Management Tool or Platform which allows to add/edit/delete blogs on the Blog websites. But with very quick enhancements in the WordPress platform makes this very full content management suite used to power a lot of different types of websites including business sites, shopping sites, job sites, classified ads, etc.

Cost- Effective:

To Design and Development of custom made CMS, it will require a huge investment initially and more than that when one want modification in the same development. Whereas, with freely available WordPress Themes one can get ready to use/go Content Management System with it

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