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Uses of Sillimanite Powder for Mining Industries

Anand Talc placed in Rajasthan state of India, who is a leading Sillimanite Powder Manufacture in India. It offers you Sillimanite Powder for industrial uses in various industries.


 We are best Sillimanite Powder Exporter in Udaipur , Rajasthan, and India.The sillimanite mineral in raw or calcined form is specially used in manufacturing of refractory bricks, shapes, castings, monolithics, ramming and gunning mixtures.


Anand Talc offers you Sillimanite Powder for various industrial applications; it is one of the best Mining Mineral Exporter in India. There are several uses of sillimanite powder in various mining industries as in form of raw material in powder form .They are as Follows:-

*) Sillimanite Powder used as Refractory Products:-Anand talc is an established supplier of raw, refractory grade sillimanite; we are a best Talc Powder Manufacturers in India. 

sillimanite (1)

*) Sillimanite used in Ceramic:-We are Sillimanite Powder Exporter for Ceramic Industry in Udaipur .

*) Sillimanite

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